Staff Temporary Project Assignment Program

Staff Temporary Project Assignment Program

The Staff Temporary Project Assignment Program matches staff members willing and able to help during this time of pandemic, with units at Brown that need support.

As many staff members at Brown continue to operate remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we urge managers to re-evaluate work assignments within their units and encourage their staff to lend a hand to departments who are confronting increased demands.

Through this program, eligible staff may be assigned to temporarily support projects in other departments to assist in meeting a specific operational need and to gain additional experience. The program is open to regular and fixed-term, exempt and non-exempt, non-union staff members who are working remotely, and the positions may be full-time or part-time roles.

The program offers a unique opportunity for staff members to gain new experience, learn about the work of other departments and potentially explore new career paths.

Program participants will receive special recognition for their dedication to Brown at a virtual ceremony.

Participate in the Program

Expand your skill set. Meet colleagues and get to know another department or office. Take on a fun or different work assignment. Help to meet a business need that may not have existed before the pandemic.

Departments and offices that are in need of support may post a project using the request form. Once reviewed, projects will be posted on the Opportunities page for consideration by staff members who have the capacity to help.

The Staff Temporary Project Assignment Program enables the University to fill emerging needs with existing resources, while ensuring Brown staff remain employed during this uncertain time. It is expected that once normal operations resume, project-based temporary assignments will end.

For more information about this program, or to inquire further about posting or applying for a project, please contact Lyubov Niemann at [email protected].

We were able to utilize the Staff Temporary Project Assignment Program to provide coverage for a vacancy that occurred during these uncertain times. We were grateful for this staff member's terrific can-do approach and felt lucky to have such a talented staff member join our office, even if for a short while.

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